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Negative Gemini (real name, Lindsey French) is an American electronic musician and producer, hailing from Richmond, Virginia. Known for her unique approach to crafting ominous soundscapes, she's caught the attention of numerous online music publications with her innovative use of voice; incorporating a magnetic human element into her largely electronically-tinged productions.

The young creative first started making music with two other friends in a rap group, which became her first introduction to beat-making. Enticed by its creative possibilities, French eventually began teaching herself to use Garageband and MIDI software such as Logic which ultimately led French to branch off from the rap trio and explore a solo career as Negative Gemini. It wasn't long after that that Lindsey began to put out independent releases under the new moniker, including a single on The Richmond Tape Club, Vol. 1 called, "Ghost World" as well as her first solo album,Forget Your Future - both of which came out in 2013.

Frustrated with the dwindling and somewhat absent electronic scene in Virginia, French decamped to Brooklyn, NY in the fall of 2014. Having begun to establish a mold for the sound that would encapsulate Negative Gemini -- a style that spanned a number of genres, from '90s techno and rave to modern electronica and pop -- French decided to take the next step to move the project along, and began accepting offers to perform at numerous venues across New York City.

French had already been hard at work preparing a new and more refined body of work before her arrival in NYC, and after a few months of testing it out live in her new scene, Lindsey was ready to unveil, Real Virtual Unison - an EP which was released on Bandcamp in March of 2015 and went on to earn a spot on FACT’s list of favorite BandCamp releases in 2015 in addition to critical response from numerous online media outlets including Gorilla vs Bear, Pigeons and Planes, and KEXP among others.

Soon after it's release, Lindsey, along with her partner and fellow electronic producer, George Clanton, formed their own independent vinyl-and-digital-only label, 100% Electronica. Her sound began to generate attention, with many critics noting that despite a lot of other contemporary electronic music, her personality remained at the center of her sound and style, ever-burgeoning with the young producer’s unique visual aesthetic. Her often reverb-drenched vocals also garnered comparison to singers such as Bilinda Butcher and Miki Berenyi.

By late 2015, after the release Real Virtual Unison earlier in the year, Lindsey began teasing her upcoming sophomore LP, Body Work with the release of numerous singles beginning with, "You Never Knew", which was among the Best Songs of 2015 as listed by Gorilla vs Bear andPigeons and Planes.

Ahead of her performance with Charlie XCX in March at the 2016 Hype Machine PresentedGorilla vs Bear SXSW Showcase, Negative Gemini unveiled another single, "Body Work"which was covered by NYLONThe 405EARMILK, as well as many others. NPR's Otis Hart subsequently added the track to NPR's "Songs We Love" playlist and tweeted that ""Body Work" is 1 of the best things I've heard this year."

In June of 2016, Negative Gemini formally announced her upcoming sophomore album, Body Work with yet another single, "Don't Worry Bout What The Fuck I'm Doing", an empowering summer anthem which was covered by everyone from PAPER to The FADER and Nasty Gal.

The new album from Negative Gemini, Body Work will be out on Friday September 23rd 2016 via100% Electronica Records. 300 limited edition copies of the album are available now for pre-order through the label site. In the words of Gorilla vs Bear's Chris Cantalini, "French is creating emotional, unmistakably modern electronic pop music that is elevated by a timeless sensibility and uncanny grasp of pop songcraft that seems increasingly rare these days."

* excerpts taken from Rob Wacey (Rovi) *






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“The Virginia native, better known as Negative Gemini, makes a genre-spanning blend of ’90s techno and heady modern electronica: a little Chicago, a little Detroit, and a whole lot of Brooklyn. But unlike many of her contemporaries, French conveys her personality and experiences through vocals and lyrics, not just tight production. In the vein of shoegaze singers, like Miki Berenyi and Bilinda Butcher, her intoxicating voice holds its own against heavy instrumentation, forcing the listener to acknowledge the person behind the beats.” - NYLON mag


Brooklyn’s next electro-pop power couple is George Clanton and Lindsey French, a.k.a. Negative Gemini.” - Earmilk


"As if Kylie Minogue was commissioned to soundtrack a movie that falls somewhere between ’90s teen romance and a grindhouse movie, the track is capable of establishing Lindsey as the internet’s next big pop star." - Pigeons and Planes

"French is creating emotional, unmistakably modern electronic pop music that is elevated by a timeless sensibility and uncanny grasp of pop songcraft that seems increasingly rare these days." - Gorilla vs Bear


"Don't Worry Bout The Fuck I'm Doing' is sonically consistent with her futuristic take on electronic pop. Her voice rides the hypnotic beat, but her charged lyrics take front stage" - The FADER


"Negative Gemini breaks up genre tropes only to filter them through her unique vision. It’s that vision, in terms of production, that is even stronger while her singing constantly surprises from the self-sampled vocals on the title track to the effervescent, untouched R&B performance on ‘Hold U’." - FACT Mag


“You Never Knew' is an addictive piece of electronic pop that will make you reach for that play button time and time again.” - The 405







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